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Oasis Grill


Oasis Grill was started by the husband and wife team of Mohammad Zughaiyir and Muna Azzghayer who also own a deli on Drumm Street. Mohammad, who grew up in Jerusalem working in his father’s produce market, and Muna, who was born in raised in San Francisco, started experimenting with their cultural eastern Mediterranean food and introduced the Mediterranean plate. It was such a success, they decided to also make fresh falafel and shawarma—like the ones they ate at home. “We wanted to serve the food we wanted for ourselves and our children. We wanted people to have affordable, fresh, healthy options,” So, in 1999 Oasis Grill Drumm Street opened its door to introduce Mediterranean food to the financial district. It has been a favorite lunch spot since then. And today there are several more locations.

The best Mediterranean food and catering in San Francisco & Berkeley.

Here at Oasis Grill we believe that fresh is best! We pride ourselves on our quality locally sourced produce. Halal, hormone-free chicken and all natural grass and vegetarian fed beef. freshness is always guaranteed! Not to brag or anything, but there’s a reason why our shawarma wraps and daily fresh cut salads taste so good! It’s because we understand how important fresh food and flavors are, which is why we do not hide any of our ingredients, no additives are used. Many nutrition consultants and dietitians recommend a Mediterranean diet, and you will reap those lovely health benefits from eating at Oasis. Our cucumber and yogurt salad is made with kefir yogurt. Kefir is a culture starter made from beneficial yeast and bacteria that give you essential probiotics to help aid your digestive system. Our tabouli salad, made with extra virgin olive oil, bulgur wheat and fresh parsley, is perfect for a crisp salad to detoxify your system and can provide you with healthy grains to marry well with any meal. Our locally sourced lavash bread is very thin, even thinner than traditional pita, so that you won’t be overwhelmed with carbs and can enjoy our yummy flavors! We have delicious options here for everyone to enjoy. Our hummus is made daily. It’s oil-free, blended of citrus and tahini sauce for a creamy light dip, and is perfect for vegetarians and vegans (and everyone else). Many vegan options are available on our menu, but our personal favorite is our falafel lavash wrap consisting of hummus, garlic, Mediterranean salad, tahini sauce and the star of the show: falafels! Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, our falafel balls taste just as good by themselves as a side or added into any wrap of your choice!