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Call at least 24 hours in advance.
We will try to accommodate same day orders if placed early enough. Special arrangements can be made for any orders, just let us know what you need.

    • Catering

    • Veggie Grilled Wraps Platter

      5 PERSON PLATTER: 54.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER: 109.99
      Gourmet vegetarian wraps (2 trays)

      Falafel Fried chickpea patties with hummus, Mediterranean salad, topped with tahini, wrapped in a toasted lavash AND

      Veggie Mediterranean Melt Grilled red bell peppers, zucchini and seasonal veggies topped with tahini and mozzarella, wrapped in a toasted lavash

      PLUS Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, olives, feta cheese and hot sauce

    • Grilled Wraps Platter

      5 PERSON PLATTER: 64.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER: 124.99
      Classic Mediterranean wraps (2 trays)

      Beef and Lamb Gyros Seasoned sliced beef and lamb with
      cucumber and yogurt salad, tomatoes and lettuce, wrapped in a toasted lavash AND

      Chicken Shawarma Seasoned, sliced shawarma chicken breast with tahini, lettuce and tomatoes topped with our house garlic and tahini sauce, wrapped in a toasted lavash

      PLUS Greek Salad and hot sauce

      *NEW* 5 PERSON DELUXE PLATTER: 75.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER: 145.99
      Chicken Shawarma & Falafel Combo AND Beef & Lamb Gyro plus Falafel Combo Wrap Platter
      PLUS Greek salad & hot sauce

    • Grilled Vegan Wraps Platter

      5 PERSON PLATTER: 60.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER: 120.99
      Gourmet vegan wraps (2 trays)

      Hummus Our housemade hummus, red bell peppers, cucumber, Kalamata olives, lettuce, topped with tahini wrapped in a toasted lavash AND

      Eggplant Pomegranate Grilled eggplant marinated in
      balsamic and pomegranate molasses with red bell pepper,
      tomatoes, lettuce, hummus, topped with tahini wrapped in a toasted lavash

      PLUS house mixed greens topped with lavash chips and house vinaigrette

    • Veggie Mezza Platter

      5 PERSON PLATTER: 58.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER: 116.99
      Classic Mediterranean buffet (4 trays)

      A beautiful selection of fresh tabouli salad, baba ghanoush, Greek salad, cucumber and yogurt salad and hummus

      PLUS fresh falafel with housemade tahini sauce

      PLUS fresh pita or lavash bread

      PLUS pickles, olives and hot sauce

    • Chicken Shawarma Platter

      5-8 PERSON PLATTER: 81.99 / 10-14 PERSON PLATTER: 159.99
      Assemble your own sandwiches (4 trays)
      Chicken Shawarma and rice pilaf with assorted grilled

      PLUS a beautiful selection of tabouli salad, baba ghanoush, Greek salad, cucumber and yogurt salad and hummus

      PLUS fresh pita and lavash bread

      PLUS pickles, olives, hot sauce and tahini

    • Oasis Box Lunch

      Each box lunch includes wrap & salad of your choice or gourmet chips, house baked baklava, utensils & napkins

      Choice of wraps:

      Chicken ShawarmaFalafel
      Kefta KebabHummus
      Beef & Lamb GyrosVeggie Mediterranean Melt

      Choice of salads:
      hummus salad, cucumber and yogurt salad or Greek salad.

    • Veggie Falafel Platter

      5 PERSON PLATTER: 58.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER 116.99
      For a lighter lunch or as hors d’oeuvres (1 tray)

      Fresh falafel, hummus, cucumber, seasonal veggies, feta cheese, pita or lavash bread, olives & pickles

    • Mixed Grill Platter

      5 PERSON PLATTER: 95.99 / 10 PERSON PLATTER: 189.99
      Assorted skewered meats with salads (4 trays)

      Shish Touak House marinated boneless chicken breast cubes on skewers

      Kefta Skewers Seasoned ground lamb and beef on skewers
      (veggie/tofu skewers can be substituted or added)

      PLUS rice, grilled vegetables, mixed green salad, hummus/baba ghanoush, tabouli, cabbage, cucumber & yogurt salad, pickles, olives & lavash or pita bread

    • Mixed Artisanal Cheese Platter

      10 to 12 PERSON PLATTER: 75.99 / 16 to 18 PERSON PLATTER: 105.99

      Platter of assorted cheese Domestic and imported cheeses paired with honey, seasonal fresh fruit, olives, crackers and sliced pita

    • Hors d’Oeuvres/Gourmet Chips

      Prices are by the piece / No minimum order

         Gluten--free available with 24 hour notice
      *NEW* Gourmet Chips2.50
    • Seasonal Fruit Bowl

      10 to 12 PERSON BOWL: 59.95 / 15 to 20 PERSON BOWL: 89.95

      A melody of assorted fruit: melons, pineapple and seasonal fruits and berries

    • Salad Dip Bowl

      All prices are for orders that serve 10–15 people

      Hummus with Pita65.00
      Baba Ghanoush55.00
      Tabouli Salad65.00
      Cucumber & Yogurt Salad55.00
      Greek Salad (serves 10 people)55.00
      Fattoush Salad (serves 10 people)55.00
      Gourmet Beet Salad (serves 10)60.00
      Relish Tray
      Olives, Pickles, Feta Cheese
    • Baklava Platters

      30 PERSON PLATTER: 75.00 or 2.75 per piece

      Sweet filo pastry filled with honey and walnuts

    • Beverages

      Canned Sodas / Bottled Water1.75 ea
      Imported Sparkling Water2.99
      Pellegrino Sparkling Juices2.25
      Mexican CocaCola / Orange Fanta2.99
      Purity Organic / Honest Teas2.75
      Purity Organic Super Juices4.99
      Yerba Mate Organic Teas4.00
      Coconut Water3.50

DELIVERY    Catering available 7 days a week online-ordering-button
10 am to 9 pm daily
$75 minimum order for delivery
12% service fee may apply
$10.00 delivery fee is for regular menu $100 and under
Delivery window is 20 minutes before or after scheduled time24 hour cancellation notice for guaranteed full refund.
Partial or full refund with 4 hour advance notice,
depending on food preparation.Extra utensils and plates $.75 per personAll items subject to availability. Prices are subject to change.